Resident Chef

Cooking Classes For The Residents
By The Residents
Three Rivers’ signature Resident Chef program encourages resident participation in a fun-spirited cooking class that helps establish social connections and cultural ties in the kitchen, and promotes a sense of community.
The cooking class is scheduled once a week. Residents take turns between “wearing the chef hat” by instructing others on how to make their favorite recipes, and being the chef-in-training by learning how to make certain dishes.


Whether you’re a beginner chef or an expert in the kitchen, Resident Chef is fun, interactive, and self-paced, so you can cook at a speed you’re comfortable with. From gourmet grilled cheese, to lemon icebox pie, and top-secret family recipes, anything is fair game, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at the end of the cooking session.

Any residents with special dietary needs can still participate in classes and enjoy dishes altered to their needs. Our Resident Dietician is here to make variations of the dishes to meet a variety of dietary needs, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the fun.